Suddenly Single Women

In our evolutionary world, things are always changing around us. Women have an increased longevity in terms of years of life and years in the workforce. Since our earlier years at The Kaleel Company, the contribution of the woman in financial and familial decision-making continues to blossom. Some would advise us against offering specified services to “suddenly-single” and never married individuals, however, after years of helping women cope with death, divorce, or raising a family on their own, we know that there is a need for support and guidance during life transitions.

While some women have been integrally involved in the family’s financial planning all along- meeting with advisors, reviewing investment plans, and understanding the structure of trusts and other estate planning tools. Others have had less involvement and allocated more of this responsibility to her significant other. But in either case, following the loss of a spouse, there are a myriad of decisions to make, financial and legal documents to locate or file, and actions to put in play. Although it may seem helpful to get advice from well-meaning family members and friends, guidance from a caring financial professional who knows how to make things happen can ultimately benefit you and your family.

We have a process for helping women put the financial pieces together following the loss of a spouse. This process involves close collaboration, support, and as much access to our team as needed. As the financial pieces get re-assembled, historically our clients’ confidence in the future grows, and they can begin to live the next chapters in their lives. In addition to the services we provide, we offer a number of client events exclusively for women designed to be educational and fun so that you know you are not alone.

 We want your individual voice and needs to be heard. Often times in life we end up in unpredictable situations, but here at The Kaleel Company, we expect the unexpected and try to prepare for whatever challenges or transitions our clients may face. Women making financial decisions are essential to our vision, and we are proud to serve the needs of an ever-growing group of female clients and their families.