Individuals & Families

Retirement Income Distribution Planning

While you have been successful in accumulating wealth, paying it out over the balance of your life takes careful planning. We will marshall your resources to correspond to your life needs, with the goal of providing you with the needed income from your available assets. We will thoroughly investigate and explore your options, and apply sound judgment to pursue the desired long-term results. And once we have determined your income needs, we will determine what we believe to be the proper blend of asset classes to pursue both growth and protection, and help you deal with the tax issues that you may encounter. Our objective is to help you plan, invest, and live well.

Estate Planning Strategies

Estate Planning and Charitable Giving strategies are all about distributing wealth in accordance with your wishes.

Over the years we have worked with many attorneys, accountants and other advisors, and understand the process that is necessary to achieve a comfortable plan while you're still alive. Our goal is to make sure that your directives, and the legacy you want to leave behind, are fully realized. We keep it simple, make it clear, make sure that you understand, and proactively follow up with you when changes in the law - or in your own situation - suggest that you should change your plan.

Investment Planning & Management

We believe whole-heartedly in the saying, “Money is hard to make, and easy to lose.”

Our philosophy is the same whether you are just starting to save for the future, suddenly received wealth, or have been working a lifetime and are approaching retirement; it's about wealth management. It is about building and maintaining wealth so that it is there when you need it.

Our responsibility is to help our clients organize and simplify their financial lives, strive to maximize investment opportunities, and be on the lookout for the downside. We can build, manage and adjust investment programs that are designed specifically around your individual situation and needs. We consistently review your program, communicate with you, and proactively call you when opportunities arise.

For those who want and treasure a personal relationship, we have almost 5 decades of dedication to our clients through the service we provide.

Insurance Planning

We will design customized strategies using a variety of insurance products so that your estate and charitable giving objectives are addressed.

We also specialize in acquiring life insurance protection for clients between the ages of 55-90, reasonably priced insurance for clients with challenging health needs, and have designed a variety of tax-efficient insurance strategies for high net-worth individuals and families who need estate liquidity.

As leaders and innovators in this industry, we have spoken and lectured on the international stage, and are members of the leading industry associations.

Special Circumstances

We are experienced in helping you with, unusual situations.

Over the past 40 years, we have applied our creative talent and world-wide connections to find answers to problems that can't be solved with traditional thinking, or “off-the-shelf” products and services. We have experience in crafting specialized insurance and investment solutions that help high-net-worth individuals and families deal with issues relating to investment, estate, retirement, and generational planning. Whenever a health, family-related, other personal issue carries financial implications, it is our goal to give you confidence in your future.