Since 1971, The Kaleel Company has been applying innovative investment and insurance strategies for our clients throughout their lives.

The Kaleel Company has helped clients with financial matters since 1971. Today, our expertise is focused on the financial needs brought on by change in the later chapters of your life. With our unique, personal touch, and strong one-on-one relationships, we specialize in developing roadmaps that provide leadership, guidance, eliminate confusion, and help to bring greater confidence. We will work to help you protect your financial future, in a time when you deserve to live well.

Our Unique Strategy

The Custom Financial Analysis and Review™ (CFAR™) system was designed by Kaleel Company to do one thing, and do it very well – to help you organize the complexities of your financial life, reduce your risk and enhance your wealth.  

Our process listens for your questions, your concerns, and your financial picture in order to develop a clear understanding of your special circumstances and what is most important to you. We then work to apply customized strategies designed to help you solve your issues, plan for the future, and reach your future destination.