For Business Owners

As a business owner, you are constantly thinking about your business, how to grow and how to be profitable. Beyond these two important goals, your business has a lifecycle. At some point, you will face some important decisions in the evolution of your business.

Our goal is to help you plan and guide you in anticipation of that day.  We provide ideas, leadership and creative thinking to achieve your long-term plan of passing on the day to day responsibilities, retiring completely, or selling and starting anew.

We have helped numerous business owners through planning that may involve investments or insurance to take them into the next phase of their lives. We can help you navigate through various issues such as:

  • Passing the business on to the next generation or to key employees
  • Finding profitable exit strategies,
  • Reducing taxes on the value of the business at death to increase the amount you can leave to your family
  • Reducing the impact of key man risk – how will the business continue if you are suddenly absent

Your business is your creation and your life but don’t let it box you in.  

By seeking independent advice can remove the personal and emotional bias that often accompanies privately owned businesses.

We will guide you in controlling your business lifecycle through sound and realistic planning.