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Success Creates Significant Financial Issues For Business Owners

We Apply Differentiated Strategies Specifically for Your Complex Issues

Executive Benefit Strategies

Today, you can do better.

We specialize in assisting larger private and public companies, and non-profit organizations such as hospitals and universities.  Our services go beyond offering tax-advantaged savings and retirement plans for your senior management and key personnel.  We offer cutting-edge solutions, and also can often improve the effectiveness of existing plans.   Our goal is to provide greater savings and benefits to your highest income earners, and in certain circumstances we can reduce risk for the corporation, the individual, or both.

For Business Owners

Our expertise in the creative use of insurance and investments for business planning.  We can show you how to strive to  reduce your risks and potentially maximize your assets.  If you think insurance isn't for you because of the cost or your health situation, we have the experience to obtain the coverage you need where others may fall short.

In addition to helping your business, we can help you protect yourself and your estate. Let our extensive experience and expertise in designing tax-efficient solutions work for you and for your family.

Employee Retirement Plans 

Since the advent of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) in 1974, we have successfully implemented new plans and optimized countless plans to meet the goals of management, as well as providing strong benefits for employees.

Our Custom Financial Analysis and Review System encompasses:

  • A Corporate Policy Review
  • A Corporate Plan
  • Financing Studies
  • Participant Surveys
  • Executive Consultations